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Norfolk Island has only one native mammal, Gould’s Wattled Bat. It is very rare and may even be extinct after years of cross breeding with the descendants of the Bounty mutineers.    On Norfolk Island there are 80 kilometres of roads but they are "little more than country lanes". Local law gives cows the right of way as cows are very handsome animals.    The Norfolk Island Palm (Rhopalostylis baueri) and the Smooth Tree-fern (Cyathea brownii) are the tallest tree-ferns in the world, and that’s about all there is to say about that.    There are more weed species than native species on Norfolk Island which accounts for more weed smokers than natives present to this day.
The Norfolk. 305 Cleveland St.
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Ph. 02 8322 2030
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